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Welcome to the start of an Amazing Adventure


To that end, I'm ending my workshops and classes.  I will be organizing some trips to places like Africa and others places I want to see.  Sharing with just a couple close friends does make a trip nicer and less expensive, and so I will be sending out occasional emails to existing cliental offering trips "at COST"  I will not be providing any instruction (except in a friendly conversation)  and I will not be adding any fees to do such.  This will be an amazing cost saving for these trips.  As an example I developed a 10 day trip to Tanzania, Safari all room and board, private photography guide and jeep (4 max passengers) for $4500

My possible future destinations include Kenya (migration), Tanzania, Alaskan bears,  Young Polar Bears in Canada,  Pantanal Jaguars, Smokey Mountain black bears, Ospreys in Florida, the Norwegian Arctic and others.

If you have been one of my clients be on the look out for these emails if you are interested in any of these destinations.


Grand Tetons  2 sessions in October 2021

Sept 30 to Oct 3, 2021 and Oct 6th to 9th


Bears & Babies - Grand Tetons - 2 Sessions in May 2021

20th to 23rd  and 25th to 28th


Arches and Canyonlands National Parks

Dusk to Dawn - June 18-22 Postponed til 2022

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