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I was just awarded the  Elmore R. Chatham Award

The Chatham Award is presented annually to the author of the article considered to be the best article published in the PSA Journal for the prior calendar year. The award was named for Elmore R. Chatham who served the Society as the Mid-Atlantic Zone Director from 1987 to 1994.    Randy Dykstra  is this year’s recipient for his outstanding article of the Teton bears found on page 24 of the February 2021 PSA Journal. In his article, Bears in the Grand Tetons, he shares his many years’ experience as a professional nature and travel photographer. Keaton Editorial Award


PSA Journal February 2021 Cover and Featured Article:

Bears in the Grand Tetons - Photographing

the Ultimate Predator in America

Small Title

The Photographer Online Magazine:

The Challenges of Wildlife Photography


Learn more about me in this interview

I recently provided: 

 Getting to Know Photographer Randy Dykstra

Farm & Ranch Living Magazine: Cover photo and two-page center inside spread  Feb/Mar 2020

Diving with the Great White

 TERAVISTA Today Magazine  June 2019

2023 Notice 

 I'm ending my workshops and classes due to health concerns.  However, I will be organizing some trips to places like Africa and others places I want to see.  Sharing with just a couple close friends does make a trip nicer and less expensive, and so I will be sending out occasional emails to existing cliental offering trips "at COST"  I will not be providing any instruction (except in a friendly conversation)  and I will not be adding any fees to do such.  This will be an amazing cost saving for these trips.  As an example I developed a 10 day trip to Tanzania, Safari all room and board, private photography guide and jeep (4 max passengers) for $4500

My possible future destinations include Kenya (migration), Tanzania, Alaskan bears,  Young Polar Bears in Canada,  Pantanal Jaguars, Smokey Mountain black bears, Ospreys in Florida, the Norwegian Arctic and others.

If you have been one of my clients be on the look out for these emails if you are interested in any of these destinations.


S.K.  Austin TX

I have seen lots of wildlife photography in my life, since wildlife is my career, and you are one of the most talented photographers I have ever seen. Just my two cents.

R.R.  Temple TX

I had a fabulous time with RADykstra Photography Tours! He knew just where and when to take us to see a multitude of wildlife and get the perfect lighting for the iconic landscape shots.  I was so excited to see numerous pronghorns, a grizzly with her two nearly grown cubs, a small herd of elk, a herd of buffalo, and some moose on the first day!


B.C. San Diego CA

It was a wonderful trip full of beautiful landscapes and animals.  The black bear eating berries will never be forgotten.  Your knowledge of the Grand Tetons area is impressive and thanks so much for the camera help.

K.M. Round Rock TX

I really enjoyed my 3 day wildlife and landscape tour to the Grand Teton National Park lead by Randy Dykstra. Randy not only shared technical tips prior to and during the tour, but knew how to reach all the iconic scenic vistas that represent this beautiful area. Randy knew the most likely places for us to find park wildlife and we successfully captured images of bear, antelope, bison, an eagle, moose and my favorite the Elk! I can't even imagine attempting the trip without this type of experience and skill to help to make the trip investment so rewarding.


T.B. San Juan Capistrano, CA

I would like to thank you for the GREAT WORKSHOP in New Mexico.  You took us to super locations and we should all have gotten some nice images!

P.M. Port Angeles, WA

Very enjoyable 5 days with Randy throughout Grand Teton and Yellowstone.

M.A. Dallas TX

Thanks for a great trip indeed, Randy.  You put us in front of a lot of great stuff.  Good group as well. 

J.C. Dallas TX

Had a really nice time. Thanks for getting us in front of many great photo opps.

C.D. Escondido CA

I enjoyed the trip, got a few winners, and learned some things about Lightroom from you that I did not know. Thanks.

L.D Fountain Valley, CA 

I enjoyed the trip to the last minute ... You did a good job for organizing and coordinating the workshop perfectly.

J.M. Austin, Texas

“Had a good time on the trip. Nice people, good mix of skill levels up to professionals. Good educational pointers to help to improve technique. All combined with lots of wildlife to make an enjoyable trip.”


J.H San Diego CA

I learned a lot with Randy Dykstra. The one-on-one format is definitely the way to go if you want to jump start your photography.

T.O.  Denver, CO

Kim and I really enjoyed meeting and sharing the polar bear boat tour with you, Randy.  What a fun trip!   

S. H. Rogers TX

Great class and presets!

K.A.  San Diego CA

"We had a great turnout. The presentation was very interesting; I learned a lot about wolves the importance of the Calif. Wolf Center mission. Randy gave a good photography primer, and I got a few good tips from his presentation."  

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About me

Hello, my name is Randy A. Dykstra and I first started taking photographs over 40 years ago in high school.  I learned everything from taking photos to working in a darkroom.  I love the outdoors and nature and was an avid backpacker, which gave me plenty of opportunities for landscape photography.   In the early 1990s I became a professional SCUBA diving instructor (PADI), which opened complete new worlds of photography for me.  My love of nature, wildlife and photography has always been a huge passion of mine.

My lifelong hobby is now my vocation.  Instead of the darkroom of my youth, I spend my days working with Lightroom and Photoshop.  I use my engineering discipline and knowledge to continually learn and adjust to the intricacies of photography, and ever expand and concentrate more on the artistic aspects. 

Today I’m fortunate enough to be able to follow my passions, and along the way I get to share some of my knowledge and experiences with you and others.  I love giving back as I've been a VP of a local camera club, and I also run two large Meetup Groups (over 9000 members) and make speaking presentations to numerous groups.  I also help out with Facebook groups and teach workshops and seminars


If you have the inkling... You now can join me on my travels and experiences and enjoy the wonderful places we explore.  I set up a few tours and workshops each year where I provide instruction, tips, guidance for all levels of photographers.  But mostly we get out there and photograph.     My ongoing and future projects include working on educational and photo books, writing and photographing magazine articles, speaking engagements, and continuing providing photography seminars and workshops.   I hope you enjoy my work, and feel free to contact me.

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