Liendo Plantation Civil War Re-enactment

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

I was invited to photograph the Liendo Plantation Civil War Re-enactment Weekend (Nov 23-24) . Boy was I excited! Just imagine all the people in historical costumes, and all the action, and just the fun. I've never been to an event like this so it took me a little while in the morning to get my bearings, but it seemed all the volunteers were also setting up final touches for the battle scenes.

Some last minute instruction and even some marching and drills.

There were horses to take care of and camp to put in order.

Meanwhile back at the plantation the women were preparing also.

Nerves were amping up and so people found ways to relax.

At last, marching to battle positions started.

The calvary set off for the flanks.

President Lincoln (enactment) started the activities with the

"Pledge of Allegiance" to our Flag.

Then all of a sudden.... BOOM! the Artillery started a volley!

Infantry lines march forward and the battle was on!

And the shooting started!

The calvary charged.

The battlefield was a cloud of smoke!

Men were falling and there were casualties.

After a number of advances and retreats, once side prevailed and everyone gathered themselves and thankfully no one was hurt (unlike the real battle) and everyone proceeded back to their camps.

Meanwhile, back on the plantation, the ladies were having their own little fashion party. Showing off the top styles of the day.

And last but not least there was always the Funnel Cake and vendors

The Liendo Plantation Civil War Reenactment was a fun time and I look forward to doing it again next year!

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