Grand Tetons Fall 2019

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

My 2019 Grand Tetons trip did not disappoint this year. It was an excellent trip. The scenery and critters were awesome.

The Iconic Oxbow Bend.

Wildlife seemed to be the most desired subject, so we spent a lot of time searching for what turned out to be abundant and diverse amount of critters. I lost count on the number of moose sightings we encountered.

Shoshone, the largest moose in the area made a couple appearances. He always had 3-4 cows nearby.

Shoshone, currently the largest moose in Tetons

Hello, Over there.

There were other males around including one that hung around the meadows near Dornan's trading post and created a couple large traffic jams. I don't know his name but he's a young uprising bull. He had a couple cows around and didn't seem to mind the hundreds of photographers, clambering around to try to get a photo. He even treated us to "lip Curl" or ( Flehmen response).

"Lip Curl" (or Flehmen response) Smelling a female nearby.

Grazing with the Tetons in the background.

The rut was still in full session, however most of the mature males seemed to have things settled. However, a couple young males were still jousting about, but there still was no harem in sight for either of them.

Young bulls establishing ranking

Munching on willows

Moss is a favorite for moose.

The Tetons are also one of the most icon landscape areas in the country. Two of the top 3 landscape locations in the USA are located within Grand Tetons National Park. (Tunnel view in Yosemite is #1). We were even treated to a swimby by a beaver, but none of us were fast enough to snap a shot as we all had setup for low light landscape shots.

Schwabacher landing's beaver pond

The bison were on the move. First day nothing, then the next day we saw 3 herds of bison with hundreds of individuals in Elk Ranch flats, But days after that the herds stayed aways off in the distance not near any roads and much too far for our lens. But while they were close they put on quite a show!

Bison grazing in Elk Ranch flats

Skirmishes happen once in a while.

Hey!... why is that guy jumping around for?

The trees have grown but you just imagine Ansel Adams making a photograph of this site and hoping yours will be half as nice.

Snake River overlook

The elk were out in force, with the rut in progress, and hearing the bugling in the morning was just special! We even got to witness some Not Safe for Work encounters and also various weather conditions. But the fall colors in the background made images extra special.

Males spend all their time keeping track of his harem or fending off other males.

The next photograph is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. or shows elk doing what elk do during the rut.

The Tetons have so many iconic photography opportunities in which photographers have to figure out some new ways to shoot them. This is probably the most photographed barn ever. T.A. Moulton Barn

Pronghorn Antelope dot the meadows. Typically you see their white rear-ends at a distance as they much on the various grasses. But occasionally, they come close to the road and you can appreciate the second fastest land animal on our planet.