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Special Opportunity/class

Photographing Star Trails 

   July 22, 2019 - 8pm   Only $45

Williamson County, Texas location*

Contact  or  858-485-8199

Reserve Now!  Limited number of photographers will be accepted. 


This class will teach you how to plan and then photograph night time photos of the Milky Way. You will get instructions on how to determine where the Milky Way will appear in the sky;  How to set up your camera for night-time photos;  learn how to focus your camera at night; Set up your tripods; Learn how to minimize blur in your photo; learn how to light paint foreground elements.  Then we will add tips on processing the photos when you return home.   We will travel to one of the darker sites in the area and then have up to 2 hours of actually photography practice, with direct assistance available.  


This class is applicable for all levels of photographers, from beginners to pros. We'll teach you the basics of astro photography.  Planning aspects will be discussed and we will help explain the camera settings you will need to use, and provide assistance if requested during the photo sessions.  

Equipment needed. 

Camera* with charged batteries (able to shoot in Bulb mode)

Empty memory storage card. 

Sturdy Tripod 

Wide angle lens (35mm or less)

(faster the better... IE Max Aperture number low as possible f/4, f/2.8, f/1.8 etc)

Remote shutter release/Timer for your camera **

     (or camera which can program multiple shots at prescribed interval)

More equipment that can help but not necessary

PhotoPills app or Photographers Ephemerius app

*It is best if students have a camera that has Bulb mode or can set shutter speed to 30 secs.  Also, have a remote shutter release/timer for their camera   ( You buy one on Ebay for  $12-15 *)


**(see )  


Cost of this event is $45 (+Paypal fee)  Use PayPal right here.  --->

(See refund policy at bottom)

Location is in Williamson county  

*Exact location will be provided to all photographers who are reserved to this event.  

Date: August  27th. Weather date Aug 28th. (If severe weather we will postpone one day)

Start time 8:00 pm.   Duration 2-3 hours.

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Contact me to sign up for this trip.

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We only accept PAYPAL or check/cash.

Refund Policy:  100% refund# (#minus any PayPal/credit card charges) is available up to 2 weeks days prior to event.  50% of cost# is available up to 7 days prior.  Within 7 days - no refund is available.  You can sell your spot to another person with  24 hr notification to RADykstra Photography (here-forth indicated as RAD)  RAD reserves the right to cancel any event or activity due to insufficient registration or any unforeseen circumstances. you will be notified within 48 of the event.  RAD will offer refunds (minus any credit card charges) if RAD has to cancel the event. No other costs such as transportation or other reservations are covered.   Note:  Since this is a weather dependent and Sky position dependent event. Postponement could be any date within 1 week of the event.  If you cannot attend the postponement date no refunds are available (but you may attend a future class of the same subject)   If photo shoot portion is not able to be scheduled within 1 week, a $15 refund will be issued.  

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